ShineTrafficClix (STC) can pay you to interact with other advertisers. Advertisements purchased in our system are delivered to other advertisers and converted into cash ads that they can click to earn and deliver you the visits purchased. We deliver quality advertisements and a way for people to make an online income.
No deposits are required in order for you to start earning from ShineTrafficClix (STC). You start your earning just by viewing our cashlink. You also earn 50% commission from click cashlink ads and You will receive 5% purchase commission from your direct referrals.
No you can't, you can only see one ad at a time. Also you are not allowed to use any kind of Bots, or automated softwares to see the ads, any attempt to do so will result in a permanent account suspension.
Revenue Share Adpacks are available for all the registered members. We offer advertising pack with 5 days maturity period. Everyone can earn profit as much as possible in our revenue share plan.
You can earn 150% profit within 5 days of time period.
Your minimum withdrawal is $2.50 for Upgraded members and $5 for Standard members. There is no maximum payout limits daily. You also need to upload payment proof for receiving 2nd payment and so on....
You can use the advertising bonus to buy adpacks, cashlink credits, banner credits etc and promote your favourite site and get referrals. Your advertisements are available to thousands of human instantly. You can buy revenue share advertising packs directly from payment processors.
You will earn 10% of your referral purchases that are delivered instantly into your main balance, ex: if your referral purchase $100 worth of ads compaign you receive $10 commission. You will also receive 50% of the cashlink value your referral click.
Yes they are. Your ad will start delivering visits immediately as it is active on our website. Your advertisement might be deleted if it doesn't comply with our Terms of Service.
We use the following payment methods:
1. Perfect Money
2. Payeer
3. Bitcoin (BTC)
4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
5. Ethereum (ETH)

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